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Inside Node 8, Glitch, and Building a Community Around Education JS Party #14

#254  Deploying with Gerhard Lazu Guest: Gerhard Lazu

This week we take you behind the scenes of the new infrastructure for and talk with Gerhard Lazu. We relaunched the new brand and site for Changelog on Phoenix/Elixir in October of 2016 and we needed a better way to reliably host and deploy the site. That's where Gerhard came in. We cover all the details and decisions in this show.

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#12  Crowdfunding Open Source (Vue.js) with Evan You Guest: Evan You

Evan You joined the show to talk about his work on Vue.js. We learn how Evan found users and got Vue.js off the ground, the details behind their crowdfunding on Patreon, whether or not crowdfunding is a viable method of sustaining open source, finding balance in life and work, and plans for funding beyond the Patreon campaign.

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