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What is a 1x Engineer?

Fun little site poking fun at the 10x engineer meme. Here’s a sampler of things a 1x engineer does: Writes code that &emdash; gasp &emdash; has bugs. Writes code that others can read. Is a team player that goes to the same meetings their co-workers are required to go to. If you’re wondering whether the &emdash;es are intentional… yes and no. Bonus points for NES.css 👌

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What is POSIX? Richard Stallman explains

It’s great to read RMS and other GNU developer’s perspective on how we got past the UNIX days. I’m particularly interested in a conversation around this statement from the author: Open source discourse typically encourages certain practices for the sake of practical advantages, not as a moral imperative. I’m fascinated by the different perspectives. There’s one where F/OSS is a human right, and another where it’s a business opportunity. They’re not mutually exclusive, but which is more prevalent these days? My thought is that we wouldn’t be where we are today if the former didn’t dominate in the ‘90s, but we’re significantly more capitalistic with our OSS these days. What’s your take on it?

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Free Python machine learning projects ebook

To commemorate the 2019 PyCon conference and the worldwide Python community, Lisa Tagliaferri and Brian Boucheron from DigitalOcean have put together a free eBook of Python machine learning projects! As machine learning is increasingly leveraged to find patterns, conduct analysis, and make decisions — sometimes without final input from humans who may be impacted by these findings — it is crucial to invest in bringing more stakeholders into the fold. This book of Python projects in machine learning tries to do just that: to equip the developers of today and tomorrow with tools they can use to better understand, evaluate, and shape machine learning to help ensure that it is serving us all.

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Profiling Vim

Chris Thorn writing for Thoughtbot: Lately, I’ve noticed that opening Markdown files in Vim is slow. I don’t know exactly how slow, but slow enough that I notice a pause after opening the file before I can edit it. I’m not sure why or when it started, but it’s painful enough that I want to track down and alleviate it. I, too, have felt this pain, which is one of the reasons I no longer use Vim as my full-time coding editor. I still use it enough for its sluggishness to bug me, but not quite enough to go chasing down why it’s sluggish. This article might change my calculus on that decision.

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Source code for the command and lunar modules of Apollo 11 🌔

Original Apollo 11 guidance computer (AGC) source code for Command Module (Comanche055) and Lunar Module (Luminary099). Digitized by the folks at Virtual AGC and MIT Museum. The goal is to be a repo for the original Apollo 11 source code. As such, PRs are welcome for any issues identified between the transcriptions in this repository and the original source scans for Luminary 099 and Comanche 055, as well as any files I may have missed. A nice bit of history to peruse in honor of the flight’s recent 50th anniversary. 100% Assembly tho 😱

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The growth stacks of 2019

If you are looking for insights into the marketing technology landscape and combing through the 7,000+ companies in the MarTech 5000 sounds like too much work, we have good news. In this post Segment uncovers which companies in the MarTech 5000 are growing rapidly and which old categories are ripe for disruption. Today, we’d like to share these insights with you, comparing each tool along with its competitors, and highlighting who’s growing the fastest. We’ll include some light commentary, including where we see the highest potential, but for the most part, these graphs speak for themselves.  We’re also doing our small part to help drive the growth of the 2019 category winners and beyond. This year, we’re opening up the Segment platform to partners, and our Developer Center is available in beta for you to start building integrations today.

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