Recent improvements to Changelog Nightly

Since its launch over a year ago (backstory), thousands of developers have enjoyed receiving the day's hottest repos in their inbox each night.

While Nightly provides a ton of value, there are ways (big and small) that it can be improved. Over the past few weeks, we've made a few of those improvements.

Elm, Functional Front-end Development and Why You Should Care

A few months ago I learned of Elm, which claims to be “the best of functional programming in your browser”. After inhaling the documentation and watching a few videos and talks, I started tinkering myself and quickly fell in love with Elm and the feeling it gives me when writing code in it.

Reducing Server Anxiety

Are you known for your coding skills, but get a lump in your throat the moment you’re asked to do anything related to servers? You’re not alone.

Changelog Films at NEJS Conf!

As many of you may know, we launched a films division to The Changelog. We call it Changelog Films. Over this past year, we've been working hard to build the right team and skills to serve the software development and open source community like we do with our podcast.

We had the pleasure of attending NEJS Conf on August 7th, and worked with the conference organizers to interview all the speakers of the conference.

This interview is with Christian Heilmann, Developer Evangelist for Microsoft Edge, about the most exciting things happening in JavaScript right now.

This interview is with Ethan Marcotte, an Independent Designer and the person who coined the term "Responsive Design" also known as Responsive Web Design (RWD). We talked with Ethan about what's happening in the JavaScript space now and what he's most exciting about for frontenders.

Improving your SQL skills

If you find yourself comfortable using ActiveRecord or SQLAlchemy but freeze when you need to write SQL, you are not alone.

Changelog Agenda for GopherCon 2015

GopherCon 2015

This year we're working with the GopherCon team to produce a short documentary and interviews of GopherCon 2015. We want to meet everyone we can and get everyone on camera. If you see us, make sure you say hello! This is our schedule and what you can expect from us at the conference.

Git Resources for Visual Learners

Many developers learned Git basics, mastered a sequence of commands, and use Git daily, but they still get uncomfortable when required to go beyond basic committing, branching, and merging.

If you feel like you never really quite understand what’s happening underneath the hood or find it hard to convey Git concepts to others, then learning Git visually may provide just the foundation you need.

Learning by Example

When I'm learning a new programming language, I already know what I'm trying to accomplish, I just don't know how to accomplish it in this brave new world.

That's why I love "____ by Example" style learning resources.

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