Request For Commits

Request For Commits explores different perspectives in open source sustainability.

Christopher Hiller Avatar Request For Commits #15

Maintaining a Popular Project and Managing Burnout

Christopher Hiller joined Nadia and Mikeal to discuss the ups and downs of maintaining Mocha - a JavaScript test framework that runs on Node.js and in the browser. Discussions included maintaining a popular project, getting funding, the challenges of having money, raising the profile of a project, focusing on the needs of a community, and managing burnout.

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Brendan Eich Avatar Request For Commits #11

Funding the Web with Brendan Eich

Brendan Eich, founder of Brave and creator of JavaScript, joined the show to talk about the history of the web, how it has been funded, and the backstory on the early browser wars and emerging monetization models. We also talked about why big problems are hard to solve for the Internet and the tradeoffs between centralization and distribution.

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Isaac Schlueter Avatar David Cramer Avatar Request For Commits #8

Open Source and Business with David Cramer & Isaac Schlueter

David Cramer (CEO of Sentry) and Isaac Schlueter (CEO of npm) joined the show to talk about building businesses in open source, why they decided to turn their side projects into full-time work, how they experimented with finding steady sources of revenue, raising venture capital, working with investors and with community, and different company approaches to developing open source projects.

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Rod Vagg Avatar Request For Commits #7

Liberal Contribution and Governance Models with Rod Vagg

On today’s show Nadia and Mikeal talk with Rod Vagg, Chief Node Officer at NodeSource, about liberal contribution agreements and the underlying mechanics of liberal contribution management, how to level up casual contributors, how projects transition into a liberal contribution mindset and whether there is a place for BDFLs in the future of project governance.

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Eric Holscher Avatar Request For Commits #5

Documentation and the Value of Non-Code Contributions with Eric Holscher

On today’s show Nadia and Mikeal are joined by Eric Holscher to discuss non-code contributions, how they are regarded in open source culture, their value, and how to incentivize this type of work. They also talked about how Read the Docs grew a documentation community, contribution guides, and why this work matters.

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Arfon Smith Avatar Andrew Nesbitt Avatar Request For Commits #3

Measuring Success in Open Source with Andrew Nesbitt and Arfon Smith

On today’s show Nadia and Mikeal are joined by Andrew Nesbitt and Arfon Smith to talk about open source metrics, and how to interpret data around dependencies and usage. They talked about what we currently can, and can not measure in today’s open source ecosystem. They also talked about individual project metrics, how we can measure success, what maintainers should be paying attention to, and whether or not GitHub stars really matter.

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