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Linode, Zeus-like power

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Linode, Dedicated CPUs

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Digital Ocean, Product Lineup

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Customer story

Rollbar, CircleCI - Paul Biggar

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Team Culture / Hiring

Indeed, Darren Nix

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Rollbar, Move fast and fix things

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News sponsorship examples

Heroku Icon Heroku – Sponsored

🎧 Talking Docker and Kubernetes with a Docker Captain

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From Heroku’s Code[ish] podcast, Mike Mondragon and special guest Bret Fisher takes a deeper look at the components of Docker, with a strong emphasis on developer productivity in smaller organizations, not massive enterprises.

Docker has emerged as an extraordinarily popular way to safely and predictably deploy applications. But because of its rapid evolution, changing business targets, and technical composition, it can still be a bit daunting to understand when to use it versus other container runtimes, let alone the task of managing it via Kubernetes and other orchestrators. This episode takes a deeper look at the components of Docker, with a strong emphasis on developer productivity in smaller organizations, not massive enterprises. Bret Fisher is our guest, and as a certified Docker expert—a Captain, actually—his job (and passion) is to share his technical expertise.

Tidelift Icon Tidelift – Sponsored

The managed open source survey

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In June of 2020, Tidelift fielded their annual managed open source survey of technologists. Over 600 people shared how they use open source software today, what holds them back, and what tools and strategies would help them use it even more effectively.

This year’s survey answers the following questions:

  • Is the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing recession changing the ways organizations think about and use open source?
  • How do organizations manage their open source dependencies today?
  • When and why do organizations encourage the use of open source?
  • What are the most popular open source programming languages?
  • And much more…

In this report, Tidelift highlights nine of the most interesting revelations that help us understand how to make open source work even better for development teams and the organizations they work within.

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