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Recreating the GitGub contribution graph with CSS Grid

The best way to learn, is to learn by doing! Ire Aderinokun: While learning CSS Grid Layout, I’ve found that the best way to internalize all the new concepts and terminology is by working on various layouts using them. Recently, I decided to try to recreate the GitHub Contribution graph using CSS Grid Layout, and found it was an interesting challenge. View the working code on CodePen.

logged by @adamstac 2018-02-02T16:28:00.018467Z permalink #front-end #css #github

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Analyzing GitHub issue comment sentiment with Azure

If you've been looking to dabble in some AI and serverless, Phil Haack shared his process to create a SentimentBot for GitHub issues with Azure Functions. Perhaps the combination of machine learning and human judgement could make the problem more tractable. I decided to play around with Azure Functions because they have specific support for GitHub Webhooks. GitHub Webhooks and Azure Functions go together like Bitters and Bourbon. If you want to skip the code and just test it out, head to this issue.

logged by @adamstac 2018-01-28T05:03:45.898579Z permalink #machine-learning #github

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Automating new contributor issues with First Timers Bot

GitHub also has something like this as a standard in their docs. Hoodie has these super awesome first-timers-only issues that guide new contributors through the contribution process. The problem was that creating these step-by-step issues would usually take the maintainer longer than to do the fix themselves. So Gregor asked us to build a bot that would automate this process. And so First Timers was born! Listen to The Changelog #264 to get the full back story on Probot

logged by @adamstac 2018-01-21T06:07:57.9840Z permalink #probot #bot #github

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GitHub's technology predictions for 2018

It's the time of year for 2017 wrap-ups and 2018 predictions. We expect these from bloggers and news sites, but this seems like an odd post coming from GitHub: Data is on the rise, placing an even greater emphasis on security, cloud, and open source. Jason Warner, SVP of Technology, shares his predictions on the major technology trends for 2018. I wouldn't call too many of these predictions bold, but it'll be interesting to see how well they hold up.

logged by @jerodsanto 2017-12-08T20:01:00.007263Z permalink #github

Frannie Zlotnick Avatar Nadia Eghbal Avatar The Changelog #252

GitHub's Open Source Survey (2017) with Frannie Zlotnick and Nadia Eghbal

On Friday, June 2, 2017 – GitHub announced the details of their Open Source Survey – an open data set on the open source community for researchers and the curious. Frannie Zlotnick, Nadia Eghbal, and Mikeal Rogers joined the show to talk through the backstory and key insights of this open data project which sheds light on the broader open source community's attitudes, experiences, and backgrounds of those who use, build, and maintain open source software.

logged by @logbot 2017-06-09T22:00:00Z permalink #github
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