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"Project Things" by Mozilla

I recently bought into Samsung's SmartThings (which is not open), but this open source announcement from Mozilla has me rethinking my choice. Project Things is an open framework for connecting your devices to the web. Let's welcome the Mozilla IoT team and all their sources to GitHub. Also, check out their Web Thing API spec to see how Mozilla is leading the way to an open standard for IoT.

logged by @adamstac 2018-02-07T16:02:57.756537Z permalink #iot #hardware

Sam Soffes soffes.blog

Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Thanks to Sam Soffes for this great idea to make your mechanical keyboard your own. I ordered a mechanical keyboard from WASD Keyboards awhile back. A few months in, I decided to design new keycaps. It’s fairly cheap to order a new set, so you can change your mind often if you’re into that. Here’s my latest iteration...

logged by @adamstac 2018-01-14T08:27:28.63918Z permalink #hardware
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