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IPFS hearth.eternum.io

Hearth – publish personal websites with the power of IPFS

Drop a folder that contains your html/css/js in to the Hearth folder, right-click, copy the link, and you're good to go. I love the motivation behind this project: Back in the 90s, the web used to be a vibrant place of a myriad websites of different shapes and sizes, but nowadays it feels much more IKEA. Yes, it's much easier to start a blog by signing up with Tumblr, but that means that everything nowadays looks the same and has none of the quirkiness and personality of the old web. I'm 💯 behind efforts like this to bring back the "quirkiness and personality of the old web".


IPFS dstatuspage.net

A decentralized StatusPage with no single point of failure published to IPFS

There are only two things required to make a status page good: availability and accuracy. It turns out you can get the first thing for free by publishing it to the permanent web! Slowly, surely we are seeing more and more excellent use cases for IPFS. We've been keen on this tech ever since we did a show about it with Juan Benet a couple years ago. It's worth a re-listen.

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