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PWAs on Safari?!

Workers will be at your service in an upcoming release of Safari — specifically Safari Technology Preview 48, macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 and iOS 11.3 beta seed 2. Youenn Fablet, software engineer at Apple, writes: While WebKit’s implementation and feature set is quickly evolving, we believe it has reached an important milestone in terms of functionality and compliance: applications using service workers for offline support or network/cache optimizations run successfully on latest WebKit builds. Let’s now dive into the specifics... There are threads on Twitter here and here you should check out for commentary on this spec. This news comes after Microsoft announces PWAs are coming to Microsoft Edge and Windows.

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Welcoming progressive web apps to Microsoft Edge and Windows 10

PWAs are coming to Microsoft Edge and Windows. This is a huge win for PWAs. We’re all-in on PWAs. In fact, we want to take PWAs on Windows to the next level, by making them first-class app citizens in Windows. Love this quote: Progressive Web Apps are just great web sites that can behave like native apps—or, perhaps, Progressive Web Apps are just great apps, powered by Web technologies and delivered with Web infrastructure. If you're a web developer and you're not paying attention to Windows, Edge, and what Microsoft is doing because "that's not your camp," means you're missing out on a massive community working hard to move the web forward. Pay attention.

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