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Jan Meppe

Regex for noobs (like me!)

This is a great introduction to that regex magic!

This blog post is an illustrated guide to regex and aims to provide a gentle introduction for people who never have fiddled with regex, want to, but are kind of intimidated by the whole thing.

If you understand regex it suddenly becomes this super fast and powerful tool … but you first need to understand it, and honestly I find it a bit intimidating for newcomers!

Flavio Copes

A guide to JavaScript regular expressions

Flavio Copes:

Learn everything about JavaScript Regular Expressions with this brief guide that summarizes the most important concepts and shows them off with examples.

Regular expressions can be a developer’s best friend or worst nightmare, depending on how well you can wield them. I’ve been using them (with varying degrees of success) since the early aughts, yet I still learn something new every time I read a tutorial like Flavio’s.

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