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Eric Amodio github.com

GitLens supercharges the Git capabilities built into VS Code

This thing is packed with features, but the one that really impressed me (and may ultimately lead to me giving VS Code another go) is the Code Lens with inline git blames. Adds an unobtrusive, customizable, and themable, blame annotation at the end of the current line So cool! I do fear that it may become more annoying than useful over time, but you never know until you try.


Atom Icon jibsen.github.io

Solarized Minimal

We're not new to Solarized, but Solarized Minimal is new to us. Solarized Minimal aims to create a more homogeneous and subtle use of the Solarized palette by assigning colors primarily through the root groups described in the TextMate documentation. Supports: Atom - atom-solarized-minimal-light and atom-solarized-minimal-dark) Visual Studio Code: (vscode-solarized-minimal)

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